Booking Confirmation

Thank you!

We have received your booking and will be in touch as the date gets closer. Please check your email for further confirmation and be sure to browse our FAQs before your visit!


You must complete the following steps in order to complete your reservation and secure your spot!

  1. Payment in advance must include Waiver
  2. Read and sign and submit our Online Waiver Form
  3. Send us your full flight information (arrival and departure) by 30 days before retreat or training starts. There is a 3% surcharge added to your balance due for late waivers forms or flight itineraries not turned in by this date.
  4. Pay your balance due via Credit Card. Your balance will be due no later than one week before arrival. You will receive an invoice from us at the time of booking. ALL discounts and additional charges will be taken from/added to the balance due.
  5. Prepare for your Trip! Please visit our travel prep section for our  so you will be fully prepared!
  6. Consider purchasing Travel Insurance to reimburse you in the event you have to change or cancel your trip or for any unforeseen medical expenses you incur while on your trip.

Travel Insurance: Since last minute injuries, illnesses, work emergencies, or deaths in the family unfortunately do happen, we HIGHLY recommend travel insurance. A travel insurance plan will often reimburse you for the retreat or training, airfare, and other non-refundable expenses. There are a lot of companies offering this service online. See Travel Insurance Review for some great options. If you need help understanding what to buy see this post: What’s the best travel insurance for a retreat?

Cancellations & Changes

Our cancellations/change policies are as follows:

If the retreat or training does not meet the total required number of registrants or the retreat center, Zen Yoga, Its partners,  instructor cancel the retreat, or any acts of nature, government or act of god cause the retreat or training to be canceled and registrants will be reimbursed in full minus the 9.15% bank transfer fees.

If registrant cancels:

  • Registrants will be reimbursed 100% 100 days or longer from the start date.
  • Registrants will be reimbursed 90%  90-100 days from start date.
  • Registrants will be reimbursed 75%  60-90 days from retreat start date.
  • Registrants will be reimbursed 0.00% 60 days or less from the start date.