Chris Sakowski

E-RYT 500


Chris is passionate about empowering his students to take active ownership of their health. He has been leading yoga and bodywork trainings internationally since 2013, drawing on his experience across multiple disciplines – as an Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator, Thai Yoga bodyworker, Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, and Reiki Master – to apply a holistic approach to yoga and wellness. Chris has completed over 1,750 hours of training in yoga and bodywork, and aims to share this knowledge in ways that are both easily digestible and actionable. He strives to create a container through which we can celebrate and express our uniqueness through movement and music, understand the inner workings of our bodies and minds through interactive exploration, and to apply the teachings cultivated in our wellness practices to everyday life experiences. Chris is blessed to have studied directly with such esteemed teachers as Simon Borg-Olivier and Thomas Myers, and weaves the wisdom of ancient traditions with the findings of modern science to provide tools for self-discovery. His personal mantra is to “Be in sync with the drums of your heart”, drawing inspiration from his love of playing music to enrich his yoga teachings.

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