Gena Foreman


Gena Foreman
" Yoga retreats are so much more than just asana. You will learn how to deepen your own practice to affect everyday life."
– Gena Foreman –


Gena Foreman’s, (E-RYT) passion for yoga began nearly 20 years ago when she took her first class at the local gym. The feeling of peace, quiet and strength she experienced after class started to weave itself into every facet of her life. In 2004, she completed her first teacher training with Shannon Wells. Her teaching style focuses on the awareness of conscience breathing, emphasizing core strength to build endurance while finding the balance between effort and surrender. Gena encourages her students to listen to their body and honor where they are in that moment. She has taught wheelchair bound seniors, professional athletes, the raw beginner to the seasoned yogi. She has completed several trainings and continues to learn with various teachers. She is authentic, compassionate, and playful; students are nurtured and individual needs are met.

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