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Soulful Embodiment Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training 2024
Teacher Training

Soulful Embodiment Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training 2024

Yoga Alliance Certified

This 20-day intensive vinyasa yoga teacher training is designed to take you on a journey deep into yourself. Through the alchemical process of yoga, you will learn how to listen to your body's innate wisdom and inner healer and develop the skills to share yoga’s rich teachings from an intelligent and authentic space. Exploring the holistic functional concepts and the interconnectedness between the mind and body, you will learn to uncover the deep stories embedded in the holding patterns of the body and develop the tools to create space for new ways of being.

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Nicaragua Yoga Institute (NYI) is one of the World’s Most Eco-Friendly and Inspirational Destinations To Lead a Yoga Retreat or Training

– Krysta Mellon – Manager, Moksha Modo International Teacher Trainings


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