About NYI

“Iʼve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Our Vision & Mission

The Nicaragua Yoga Institute (NYI) brings together the magic and natural richness of Nicaragua with wellness leaders and yoga practitioners, creating unforgettable experiences that help us rediscover and reconnect to the inner richness we all possess.


The Nicaragua Yoga Institute began in the once sleepy fishing village of San Juan del Sur. A long time magnet for surfers and sun lovers, this Nicaraguan gem became the base of operations for NYI in 2005, drawing yogis from around the world with daily studio classes in town at Zen Yoga and secluded jungle retreat accommodations at the expansive TreeCasa Resort.

Our mission is about more than introducing travelers to the practice of yoga in a beautiful setting. To come to Nicaragua is to discover a destination that still has that magical essence of the untouched. With huge swaths of protected natural lands, immense volcanos, massive lakes, and expansive beaches, Nicaragua brings together natureʼs abundance and outright wonder. Our vision is to foster better living, taking away the constant distraction of modernized living to reconnect you to nature, inspiring healthy everyday living through mindful connection. In a world where the more connected one is, the more disconnected we feel, we strive for better.

Vanessa Pattison Nicaragua Yoga Institute

Vanessa Pattison

Vanessa Pattison is the founder of Zen Yoga Studio which she opened in 2011 after the vision popped into her head one evening while talking to a friend. They sketched the studio on a napkin, broke ground a week later and never looked back. Beyond running Zen Yoga Studio and sister retreat business Nicaragua Yoga Institute, she still loves to get in the studio and lead a class or two a week. Vanessa is also a doula to many expats and local women who live in the San Juan del Sur area.

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